Sunday, November 19, 2006

Donate Your Used Car

Planning to sell your old car? Think twice before doing so, since you will have to go through the procedure of contacting an agent or will have to put a classified in your local newspaper to sell your car. This would cause you constant phone calls and disturbance. Besides this it will take you a lot of time to sell your old car and find a suitable customer at the best price and get the paper work done.

With all these hassles, do you want to go through to sell your car? Consider donating your car to charity. There are many car donation programs run by different car charity organizations. You can donate your car to any of these charities or any of the charity that you support. The main charities which run a successful and trustable car donation program are American Kidney Foundation, Kars4Kids, Cure Childhood Cancer and Activated Ministries apart from the others.

You can donate your car to these charities. All you will need is your old car and a clean title. When you donate your car you will get a tax cut. This tax cut is usually equal to the price of your used car. To find out the cost of your car you can get it appraised by a certified car appraisal expert or refer to the Kelly Blue Book (KBB). Now with this information with you, all you have to do is give a call to your favorite car charity and they will have it picked up from your door step. Besides donating your car you can also donate your boat and motorcycles.

This car that you donate will help support the needy and give them a better life and also get you a tax cut. More importantly countless blessings. So go ahead, donate your used car today.

Anurag writes for Car Donation Infoline – You guide to charitable car donation and car donation program. Donate your car and help a needy.

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