Sunday, November 19, 2006

How To Donate Your Car

Car donations can help a number of people acquire the basic amenities of life such as food, clothing, and shelter. It can help the distressed to a large extent by providing assistance and relief. The most important thing here is that there are no hassles involved in the donation of a car. Cars that are not run in years are also accepted after evaluating their value. The title to the car is extremely important when donating. But if there is no title, the organization can still make necessary arrangements. The Motor Vehicle Department of the donor's state can also help in this regard. There should be no lien on the car.

The donor does not have to drive the car down to the charity organization. This is taken care off by the organization itself. The organization has the car towed away by a reliable, bonded, and licensed towing company free of cost. The towing company contacts the donor within three to four working days at the latest and accordingly the time and place which suits both the parties concerned is decided and the car is towed. The donor should ensure that there are no hidden costs involved. An online application form has to be filled by the donor to contact the organization to schedule a pick up. Donations should be made to an IRS registered on profit making organization. An added advantage of donating a car is tax benefit. If the car is accepted by the charity organization after looking at its condition, a tax-deductible receipt is issued. Donation is deductible under income tax. The amount of deduction may be the value of the car up to $500 or the amount for which the car is sold, if above $500.

While donating, the car should be cleaned and it should be free of any personal belongings. The keys should be left on the dashboard incase the donor is not at home at the time of pick up. Any problem with the car until it has been picked up by the organization is the responsibility of the donor. All the previous fines and storage charges are the donor's liability. After the car is towed, it is the responsibility of the organization.

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